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What kind of projects are we involved in? In short for customer who pay for it and open source projects. It is clear that on projects done for customers we cannot communicate much without their approval.

On Open Source projects we give more details.

Relax-and-Recover (ReaR)

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Relax-and-Recover is an open source Disaster Recovery tool handling bare metal restores in an automated way (as much as possible). Making snapshots of your system can be done on-line and send over to remote storage such as NAS, CIFS, USB, Network,…

Relax-and-Recover (ReaR) Automated Testing

Relax-and-Recover Automated Testing is an open source sub-project of ReaR dedicated to ReaR testing fully automated. This project is sponsored by customers who subscribed to one of our ReaR Support Services.


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Upgrade-UX is an Open Source framework designed to assist the UNIX system engineer in patching or upgrading systems in a consistent and repeatable way with evidence before and after the running upgrade-ux.

Config To HTML (cfg2html)

Cfg2html is a little utility to collect the necessary system configuration files and system set-up to an ASCII file and HTML file. Simple to use and very helpful in disaster recovery situations.

Ad-hoc Copy and Run (adhocr)

adhocr is a little expect utility to parallelize execution of commands on lots of systems.


wbemextras contains some scripts to assist in HP SIM installation and configuration on HP-UX

Make CD-ROM Recovery (mkcdrec)

mkCDrec is the predecessor project of ReaR and has been phased out in favour of ReaR. Getting support is still possible, but no longer free of charge.