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Relax-and-Recover Automated Testing at Open Source Forum (CeBIT 2017)

Relax-and-Recover Automated Testing at Open Source Forum (CeBIT 2017)

We were lucky to have the chance to be present and give a talk “Relax-and-Recover Automated Testing” for the CeBIT visitors [1].

The slides of the presentation are available at Slideshare:

A picture of myself during the talk at CeBIT: Picture of Gratien during the presentation at CeBIT 2017

Relax-and-Recover Automated Testing is an Open Source Project hosted at GitHub with a GPL v3 license, but it is important to understand that the development is only done for customers with a valid ReaR Support Contract. If you wonder - why? We have put so many energy into ReaR (mostly for free), but customers with a ReaR Software Support Contract may expect some additional added value, and as such we provide some additional quality testing. We do this via this project “Relax-and-Recover Automated Testing”. As such we can increase:

  • ReaR Snapshot stability
  • Detect errors much faster (at least for what the customer uses in practice)
  • Bug fixes can be tested quite easily (for the customer)
  • GNU/Linux minor version updates can be tested with the same ReaR version


[1] Program of Open Source Forum @ CeBIT 2017 on Friday 24 March 2017

[2] Video of previous ReaR Automated Testing presentation at FOSDEM 2017

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