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What to do when mount does not work on HP-UX?

In a HP Serviceguard package log you may find an error “/dev/vgoracle/lvoproracle is already mounted, /opr_oracle is busy”

As a result the package does not start and fails immediately. What are the steps you can do?

Inspect the log file of the package in more details:

Sep 18 09:36:48 root@hpnode1[12309]: Logical Volume is /dev/vgoracle/lvoproracle
Sep 18 09:36:48 root@hpnode1[12309]: Mounting /dev/vgoracle/lvoproracle with option -o largefiles
UX:vxfs mount: ERROR: V-3-21264: /dev/vgoracle/lvoproracle is already mounted, /opr_oracle is busy,
            allowable number of mount points exceeded
Sep 18 09:36:48 root@hpnode1[12309]: ERROR: Function sg_check_and_mount
Sep 18 09:36:48 root@hpnode1[12309]: ERROR: Failed to mount /dev/vgoracle/lvoproracle

Perhaps, the file system /opr_oracle was not properly unmounted? Check this with the mount | grep opr_oracle command. If it is there then you could try the following (in sequence if necessary):

umount /opr_oracle
umount /dev/vgoracle/lvoproracle
umount -f /opr_oracle
umount -f /dev/vgoracle/lvoproracle

If that does not help then check if there are still some processes running which prevent the file system from unmounting:

fuser -c /opr_oracle

To kill those processes just use the command fuser with option -k:

fuser -k /opr_oracle
umount /opr_oracle

A last command to force an unmount is:

/sbin/fs/vxfs/vxumount -o force /opr_oracle

If all above did not help at help to resolve the start-up of the package then you probably hit the issue mentioned in article: Unable mount files system. error v-3-21264. To fix the issue execute the following set of commands:

# ls /opr_oracle
# rmdir /opr_oracle
# ls /opr_oracle
/opr_oracle not found
# mkdir -m 755 /opr_oracle

# cmrunpkg -n hpnode1 oracle
Running package oracle on node hpnode1
Successfully started package oracle on node hpnode1
cmrunpkg: All specified packages are running
# bdf /opr_oracle
Filesystem          kbytes    used   avail %used Mounted on
                    262144    2206  243697    1% /opr_oracle

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