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Linux Support Services by IT3 Consultants

Since the very beginning of the Linux Operating System, a POSIX UNIX alike kernel, we have been active in this area. We have done several, lost the count, Linux installations on quite a lot of Intel based PCs, IA64 and SPARC systems. Integrating the Linux systems into your current network and systems. Using the Linux box as file server (including Samba), mail server or Web server, we have done it all.

Gratien D’haese was one of the founders of the Linux SIG (Special Interest Group) of OTA (Open Technology Assembly) in 1994. He has been a speaker on the Linux-SIGs on several occasions.

Key Benefits

We do not claim to be the best in our field - just have a look at the presentations done in the past around Linux topics for several Linux SIGs or at our slideshare page.

The key benefits we as a company have are the following:

  • In-depth knowledge of the Linux Operating System.
  • Years of experience in UNIX in general, and in particular, the GNU stuff which are the standard tools on Linux.
  • Capable of doing (remote) support on Linux systems.
  • A cheap and reliable solution for mission critical servers with Hardware RAID or Software RAID. On top of that we use reliable filesystems like ReiserFS, JFS, xFS with LVM2 as logical volume manager.
  • Linux is a very popular Internet server for WWW, FTP, Mail, file server (SAMBA/CIFS) and even as firewall.
  • In-depth knowledge on lots of network protocols.
  • Maintainer and main developer of several Open Source Projects.
    • Lead developer and project manager of the Open Source Project Relax and Recover (Rear) since 2006.
    • Maintainer of the Open Source Project Ad-hoc Copy and Run (adhocr)
    • Maintainer of Linux distribution CD-ROMs made for the Belgian UNIX Users Group (BUUG) from 1992-1996
    • Lead developer and project manager of the Open Source Project Make CD-ROM Recovery (mkCDrec) since 2000. Mkcdrec is since 2012 not actively developed anymore as we have put our effort into rear.
    • Maintainer of the Open Source Project mkCDrec Utilities since 2001.